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1. We are all storytellers

Those of us who had the joy of being born in Rutherglen hold dearly to that fact.

We lived with my maternal Grandfather until […]. Michelle Tocher is a storyteller and author who has been writing and speaking for twenty-five years on the subject of fairy tales and their application to life.

Lynn began telling as a teen, when she discovered that the children she babysat would go to bed eagerly when a story was offered. Later, she worked this same magic as a camp counsellor, and then with her own children.

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It was only when she […]. I draw from a rich well of experience — including living in a tent for two years, my lesbian schizophrenic mother, almost killing people with my evil mind control NO REALLY — to draw my audience in and enthrall them with […]. Dan Yashinsky is a Toronto-based storyteller, author, and community animator. He is currently the storyteller-in-residence at Baycrest Health Sciences. Ron has been telling stories for over 50 years. His repertoire is large and Varied. With stories for all ages. Every Monday evening in June, July and […].

Deborah Dunleavy is an award winning story writer and storytelling artist with over 30 years of professional experience in creating, producing and touring her programs both nationally and internationally. She is a recent recipient of a Canada Council for the Arts Grant which has enabled […]. Pauline was given the honour of having her name included […]. A storyteller, teacher and writer, enamoured of anything Icelandic, I have been telling stories for almost twenty years. I took a storytelling course in and have been telling stories ever since. Kathie is an animated teller with 28 years of active experience.

Her telling has taken place in libraries, churches, summer camps, private parties, public and high schools in Eastern Ontario as well as at Concordia University and for Girl Guides of Canada.

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Kathie has taken […]. Carol Leigh Wehking has been performing for over 40 years, but has concentrated on storytelling since Her repertoire is rooted in folk tales, wherein lies the wisdom of the world. She also tells epic, saga, and stories from all ages, as well as some […]. Heather is an orator and Musical Storyteller, singer-songwriter. She brings traditional tales and her own stories to life by interspersing the narrative with rhyme, chant, song, and playing guitar and percussion instruments.

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Bertelli, Mariella. Bisset, Pat. Bosman, Diane. Boucaud, SI. Brown, June.

Hong Kong Stories

Brown, Lorne. Charles, Natasha. Cohen, Judith. Dudinsky, Donna. How could … [Read More If the Disney style is a favorite of yours, this is the story for you. Not only does it feature all the strings, violins, violas, cello, and stringed bass, it even has a banjo for comic relief.

Country western, the classics and jazz are all included. To top it off the bows are the main characters, a … [Read More Who is the true leader of the orchestra?

Introduction to storytelling

What a great way to be introduced to the instruments of the band. Yet, although many children did enjoy its frivolity, others found it overly frivolous and experienced irritation and frustration at its somewhat patronising attempts at humour and farce. The performance did border on ridiculous and risked being just too stupid.

The gibberish, mime, facial expressions and themes of each individual sketch soon became repetitive, unrealistic and boring. Despite the target audience of the show being children much younger than myself, there did appear to be appeal and enjoyment by older audience participants as well, as many parents appeared to find certain aspects amusing whilst others alternatively enjoyed watching the entertainment of their own children. Therefore, this production did, on the whole, fulfil its genre of childhood entertainment and effectively played-out the roles of a traditional storyteller in an innovative and fun way.

Log in Want to post an event? Want to write a review? Fri 7 th — Sun 30 th August Ed Grimble at on 17th Aug Energy is the order of the day, and actors Ashley Bates and Luke Pitman are not certainly not lacking in it in Storyteller, Storyteller Two identically dressed storytellers arrive on stage intent on wowing the audience with their narrative charms. Genevieve Cox at on 17th Aug